Ephemeral, temporary empty spaces and creative sector

The Ephemeral project has been developed in several phases. In a first, the empty spaces available in the industrial estates of the south-east access of Vilanova i la Geltrú were studied.

In a second phase, the project, on the one hand, has studied in detail some of the detected available spaces and, on the other, has begun to work on the concretion of a community of professionals in the creative sector. The project, therefore, focuses on supporting companies and entrepreneurs in the city linked to the creative sector: designers, audiovisual, music, among others.

During the execution of the project, work has been done to put into operation a community of creatives. For this reason, two meetings have been held with representatives of this group, a detailed study of the spaces available to house this group has been drawn up and the next steps have been defined. The results have been a better understanding of the community and its needs, so that future lines of work have been specified. In this sense, a new subsidy has been requested from the Diputació de Barcelona to continue with the initiative.

Enhancing the relationship and collaboration between the city’s creatives

The project has helped to establish a closer relationship with entrepreneurs in the city’s creative sector, both inside and outside Neàpolis, and to know their needs. This emerging sector has potential for the city as a future economic engine given the city’s socioeconomic trends and assets.

The agents involved are companies and entrepreneurs in the creative field located in Neàpolis, the Municipal School of Art and Design and other creative professionals who develop their profession in Vilanova i la Geltrú or reside there.

The role of Neàpolis in this project has been to revitalize the community and promote studies on available spaces, and manage this knowledge to continue moving forward in the project.


Year : 2018-2020

Location : Vilanova i la Geltrú

Topic : creativity and innovation.

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