Cadena SER Penedès-Garraf interviews in Neàpolis to talk about its services and projects

“Soroll”, the news program of Cadena SER Penedès-Garraf, interviewed last Friday, February 26, Jordi Romero-Lengua, innovation technician of Neàpolis, to talk about the spaces offered to entrepreneurs and companies, and projects that are developed within the context of innovation, technology and health.

During the interview, he spoke about the importance of incorporating innovation as a driving tool for the transformation of companies and the creation of new business opportunities. He also reviewed the spaces offered in Neàpolis for the implementation of entrepreneurship projects ( Neàpolis Cowork space, Crea & Co nursery and business hotel ) and the support services for entrepreneurship . Finally, he explained the Living lab of health and well-being framed within the Project of specialization and territorial competitiveness (PECT) of active and healthy aging, where it is working in a participatory way to find solutions to the challenges and needs of the socio-health sector from the entrepreneurial and technological field.

Listen to the full interview at: episode / 6Qa6pV4pzSz5yItbNiUtcb? Si = mejuyiypRgijfHw_EDxv_g