About us

An Innovation Agency for technology, communication and creativity.

Neàpolis is a Public  Innovation Agency for ICT, the multimedia sector, creativity, and entrepreneurship. We offer a space for experimentation, incubation, and growth for the city’s entrepreneurial community, promoting innovation and collaboration. For all of them, we offer coworking and business incubator services, connectivity, support, and advice while facilitating its insertion itinerary in the labour market.

Since 2006, Vilanova i la Geltrú and its territory of ​​influence have established themselves to promote the innovative ecosystem, ICT businesses, the media, and the creative industries.


To promote economic activity and the co-creation of innovative solutions with a social impact in different technology sectors, creativity, and communication, turning Vilanova i la Geltrú into an innovative intermediate city of reference.


Neàpolis wants to become a  reference for society in the development of innovative solutions that:

  • They cover the social needs of the citizens and the city.
  • Promote social technology, creativity and business drive.
  • They are generated from the collaboration between the key agents of the territory.


  • Innovation: is at the  heart of our approach, so we are always ready to find creative solutions that respond to the needs of the citizens of Vilanova i la Geltrú.
  • Creativity: is a crucial element in making innovation possible. To encourage it, we have the vocation to promote the hybridization of different professional fields, share seemingly opposite perspectives, and have, whenever possible, creative agents (designers, artists…).
  • Social technology: put it at the service of society, provides excellent value as it improves management and provides new solutions. From Neàpolis, we encourage the social impact of technology to benefit the majority and reduce unwanted consequences.
  • Collaboration: Neàpolis is a collaborator that encourages meetings and interaction between key actors in the territory to find shared solutions.
  • Uncertainty Management: We live in an increasingly complex world, uncertain environment and future. Neàpolis encourages the deployment of innovative solutions that adapt to this uncertainty or consider the complexity inherent in each social need.

Neàpolis is

A park of Technological and Business Innovation 

A meeting point for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs in the ICT and Media sectors

An ecosystem where environments of innovation and research, training and technological dissemination and business activity coexist

Our raison d’être is to support local entrepreneurship and  innovation, especially entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). We also connect with a research-oriented application, public funding programs, and regional, national and international cooperation.

One of the main lines of action is the attraction of local talent emerging, since it is in its training phase, to start the path of professionalization and give wings to business projects in the seed or initial stages. Therefore, we have a large community of professionals to whom we offer training services and share cooperative, support and training services.

We share the idea that we can be better together, which is why we encourage contact and hybridization with other groups such as the Maker community. In addition, we understand that training goes beyond the classroom, and we encourage immersion in technologies through play (gamification) and cooperation.

Neàpolis is also the main  centre of audiovisual production in the south of Barcelona. We host a film and TV school that offers degrees in film, performing arts, digital cinematography and transmedia content. It hosts leading laboratories and research teams from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC). It acts as a node of local telecommunications. Likewise, it is the venue for significant activities and events related to innovation and technology, from the Global Game Jam to scientific congresses, conferences, and seminars.