Neapolis participated in the artathon last April 27 in Espronceda

Last April 27 and with the help of our friends from Instituto Espronceda, the Neapolis team helped facilitate a brainstorming session within the framework of the Augmented Europe project, a European program that wants to listen to opinions that young people have regarding some of the problems that new technologies and the digital environment raise.

There were 6 working groups, 5 online and 1 face-to-face, which is what Neapolis helped to energize.

Topics that were discussed

In person:

– Avatar. Metaverse, gender and identity.

On line:

– Digital inclusion, economic and technological barriers.

– Gender discrimination in artificial intelligence algorithms, artistic solutions.

– Immersive and interactive experiences, including multi-sensory ones.

– The inclusion of women in the technical studies of digital creation and engineering.

– Community metaverses, including co-creations.

The day lasted 4 hours and there was time to listen to two inspiring talks by Marta Ordeig, from Garage Stories, and Katharina Hof, from Ars Electronica, two leading women in the world that connects culture, the art and technology.

After the two-hour brainstorming workshop, in which more than 45 people participated, the young people left some very interesting reflections. The first of them is that everyone suffers or has suffered situations of abuse or helplessness in the digital sphere; and the second, that it is necessary and urgent to create safe spaces on the internet.

Many thanks to all the people who participated in that day, which we hope will be repeated again!