Training room

Room located in the Crea & Co space, on the ground floor. It is equipped with Internet connection and wifi, TV screen, blackboard and projector. It has a capacity for about 35 people, arranged with chairs with pallets for training or with large shared tables.  

Neàpolis Cowork

Since April 2011, Neàpolis Cowork has opened its doors to all those entrepreneurs, professionals and companies in order to promote the creation of companies in the ICT and MEDIA, creative, audiovisual, etc. sectors.

Viver Crea & Co

Located on the ground floor of the NÈAPOLIS building, in an open space, there are 6 offices ranging from 13.71m2 the smallest to 17.73 m2 the largest with modern concepts and accessible 24 hours a day 365 days of the year.

Meeting rooms

Neàpolis has two meeting rooms (on the ground floor and the coworking space) equipped with Internet connection and wifi, TV screen, blackboard and projector. The capacity of the rooms is 10 and 12 people.


The Neàpolis Auditorium is a multipurpose room with a sloping grandstand and equipped with high technology with a capacity of up to 200 spectators (4 for the disabled).


It is a space of 324 m2 that has all the filming equipment, cameras, lighting and other necessary resources. The programs of Canal Blau are currently being shot there.


They are located in Crea & Co, on the 1st floor and on the 3rd. They are ideal for presentations, seminars or for events that need an open space, with TV or projector screen support.


The terrace is an ideal space to organize outdoor events that require specific logistics management.


Parking for 60 parking spaces for vehicles (cars and motorcycles) in the same building. We also have parking for bicycles.  

Business hotel

Third and last phase of the journey that startups do and therefore last accompaniment before going out. Offices located on the first and ground floor of the building, of different capacities.