Do you know the difference between Storytelling and Storydoing? The Agency of Secrets® app puts you to the test

Agency of Secrets® – Storytelling vs Storydoing

Agency of Secrets® is a global experience made up of 10 games (digital and analog) that can be played independently in Vilanova i la Geltrú, but played together they build a complete narrative (storytelling), which allows the citizen or tourist to discover the history of the city while visiting it (storydoing). Thus, reality and fiction are mixed to create a unique experience for all users.

The etymology tells us a lot about these two words in English, storytelling and storydoing, but how do they both contribute to the gamification of the Agency of Secrets experience?

Storytelling, humanity has been communicated through stories from time immemorial, even generating legends of real stories and reinventing them so that they are close when they are told over and over again. The narrative content offered with these 10 gamified experiences is key to generating an experience of a fictional story, based on real events, and at the same time discovering Vilanova i la Geltrú as a whole. It offers the user fantasy, play and discovery, thanks to different mystery characters, in order to generate a memorable experience different from other tourist destinations, and to be a reflection of the values and style of the city.

Some of the places where participants can learn stories are: Víctor Balaguer Museum, Papiol House, Railway Museum, Old Town, Market, Espai Far, Passeig del Carme, the Bunkers,…

Storydoing is an evolution of storytelling that goes further with its experiential content, is what lives from the point of view of the user and is based on the real fact, challenges, group participation, moments of uncertainty, connection with the territory and logic to advance in the game. The overall experience includes the following:

  • 35 km on routes
  • 267 puzzles to solve
  • 460 items of cultural interest.

It is no longer just a matter of explaining the history of the municipality, we want to involve the public in a friendly way and propose to them to go from being a passive spectator to an active protagonist with a key role in the Secret Agency. In addition, these group games generate community and make it easier for tourists to have a closer connection to the city for new local and international audiences.

Storydoing is therefore understood as the logical evolution of storytelling, once the user has become involved in the experience and is not only a consumer but also nourishes her personal experience; in this case, gamification is the motivational methodology used.

The Agency of Secrets® app is the global activity management tool that lets you know which games are available, where they are located, and what you need to do to play them. The geolocation system will take you to the starting point of each of them, allow you to keep track of the cases already played and, with the resolution of each of them, rewards will be obtained within the same app. The rewards unlocked each time one of the games ends consist of three categories: narrative, avatars and customization, and historical content.

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