FUNDACIÓ CATALUNYA VOLUNTÀRIA visits NEAPOLIS with Bulgarian students of Business Management and Administration

Last Friday, September 3, 2021, the students of the Fundació Catalunya Voluntària visited the facilities of Neàpolis as part of its management and administration training program.

Specifically, 32 students, aged 16 and 17, accompanied by 4 teachers from the business school ‘Yordan Zahariev’ in Kiustendyl (Bulgaria) attended in order to gain international experience and learn from the culture and agents of the territory.

Accompanied by the technicians of economic promotion and innovation of Neàpolis they carried out a “guided tour” to know the innovative experience of the center, the projects and activities, and his spaces to the service of the business ecosystem and the citizenship. Specifically, they were able to visit the Crea & Co (business incubator), the cowork, the auditorium or the Crea & lab, spaces where innovation, creativity, social technology, collaboration and the management of uncertainty are promoted. of Neàpolis) among students, users and entrepreneurs of the city.

This visit has been an example for students, as most Digital Innovation Hubs in Bulgaria are in an initial stage of preparation and explores new international possibilities for students in their future careers in education and professionalization in this style of centers.

In addition to Neàpolis, students visited the City Hall, the port and the market, the Garraf youth info point, the shopping center, museums, shops and markets of the capital of Garraf. They also did research work where they deployed their own business ideas as a free from the educational program itinerary.

MedGaims, tourist gamification as an emblematic project of Crea & play Students visited Crea & Play, a laboratory for the promotion of gamification and virtual reality in Neàpolis. In this space they were told about the MedGaims project, which consists of 10 games to get to know the city thanks to gamification and thus boost tourism. The project manager explained the creation of the creative idea, the previous usability / content methodology and the technical implementation of these digital and analog games by the public. MedGAIMS is a European project funded under the ENI CBCMED Program, for cross-border cooperation between countries in the Euro-Mediterranean region.