The Makers resume extracurricular activities in Neàpolis

Neàpolis celebrates that, given the expansion of the new measures, the extracurricular activities that TECNOLAB , FUNLAB and TECNOTRACK have been carrying out for almost 8 years in the building can be resumed.

Since 2012, Neàpolis has been committed to the creation and development of local makers by providing them with spaces and services in order to promote co-creation, experimentation, knowledge and innovation through technology.

The proposed activities are dynamic and varied, from robotics and electronics aimed at children to drone manufacturing or living labs. Activities in constant change and with new proposals that will surely be to the liking of the boys and girls of the city.

Schedules of activities:

TECNOLAB : Wednesday and Friday from 5.30 pm to 7 pm
FUNLAB : Monday and Tuesday from 5.15 pm to 6.45 pm
TECNOTRACK : Saturdays from 4pm to 7pm