Spotlio, a business success story of the Neàpolis ecosystem

The Mayor, Olga Arnau, and the Councilor for Finance, Business and Innovation, Conxi Martínez, visited the headquarters of Spotlio, a company specializing in technological platforms for tourist destinations. The visit was a sign of gratitude for the support of the city’s productive fabric and for the drive it has shown throughout the pandemic.

Spotlio started in the Neàpolis cowork and is now a leader in mobile tourism applications in Europe and North America, with a staff of 22 people, all of them from Vilanova i la Geltrú.

Olga Arnau has put Spotlio as a reference, “it is a successful experience, that from a cowork space a start-up can come out and now they are part of a multinational” . For the mayoress, the work done with the Vilanova app, managed by Spotlio, is also very important, because “in the last year, with the Covid-19, it has helped us a lot to do local trade, and also to advertise catering establishments and home delivery ”. The VNG mobile app already has over 10,000 downloads.

The CEO and founder of Spotlio, Albert Ferrando, explains that “We always focus on activating the local ecosystem, and promoting business participation in applications. When the economic fabric participates in the ecosystem, it is possible to enhance the local brand. It is very important that there is a technological platform that helps the local fabric to compete against the big monsters ”.

Spotlio also manages applications for local initiatives such as the Vida Festival and La Daurada. Ferrando explains that “we take advantage of the proximity to test, that’s why Vilanova is a living lab for us”. The company’s connection with the city does not end here, in addition, “we try to strengthen the local fabric, we take people from high schools and other training centers, we bet on local talent.” In this line, the visit was used to present the Crea & TIC project, a project of the Vilanova i la Geltrú and Neàpolis City Council, to incorporate innovation and disruptive technologies in local companies and generate technological talent. This proposal has received a subsidy from the Diputació de Barcelona, within the program “Work, Talent and Technology”.