Agency of Secrets®: an experience of 10 games (digital and analog) located in Vilanova i la Geltrú

Agency of Secrets® is a global experience made up of 10 games (digital and analog) located in Vilanova i la Geltrú. Each can be played independently, but played together they build a complete narrative, which allows you to discover the history of the city. Reality and fiction are mixed to create a unique experience for those who dare to play it.

The Agency of Secrets® app is a tool that lets you know which games are available, where they are located, and what you need to do to play them. The geolocation system will take you to the starting point of each of them, allow you to keep track of the cases already played and, with the resolution of each of them, you will get rewards within the app itself. Free the captured agents, discover the history and secrets of the city and recover the lost chapters of the “Secret History of the Agency”. Download it at:



Where does everything happen?

The two selected destinations are the center of Vilanova i la Geltrú and its promenade. The conceptual context of Vilanova’s creative space is the discovery of “Secrets”. Here is the opportunity to find, interact and gain knowledge that would otherwise be impossible. “Secrets” can refer to discovering places digitally or analogically, learning stories, accessing or interacting with locals. Find all kinds of curiosities, hidden places or unknown facts and make them the goals of the games.

The selected sites are:

  • Víctor Balaguer Museum
  • Casa Papiol
  • Town Square
  • Railway Museum
  • Old Town
  • Market
  • Lighthouse space
  • Passeig del Carme
  • Bunkers

The Agency of Secrets® is a brand that identifies a set of gaming experiences, under the same narrative, where the city of Vilanova i la Geltrú is explored through physical and virtual environments. The Agency of Secrets® was created as part of the MEDGAIMS GAmifIcation for Memorable tourist experienceS project, funded by the European Union ENI CBC Mediterranean Sea Basin Program.

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