Cowork Neàpolis: a way to make teleworking compatible and create community

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a direct impact on many businesses that have been forced to adapt their activities. One of these adaptations has been the prioritization of telework by many companies and entrepreneurs. Despite the ease it can bring to workers, many professionals do not have the right conditions to work in their homes, as there are very different needs and cases (lack of space, good connection, family reconciliation, loneliness …) . And this is where the Cowork of Neàpolis comes into play.

The Neàpolis Cowork is a good opportunity to reinvent the way you work and implement remote work in companies within your day to day life. Working in a shared space facilitates the consolidation of a specialized community, promoting the creation of synergies and collaborations. Specifically, the Cowork of Neàpolis -and its community- welcomes professionals from the technological ecosystem, innovation and the creative and media sector and is aimed at both workers from companies outside Vilanova who want to implement remote work, and thereby gaining travel time and quality of life for workers, as entrepreneurs and / or self-employed.
The space has been adapted to the conditions of security and social distancing required by the management regulations of COVID-19, thus guaranteeing its safety at the level of health.
Currently, the Neàpolis Cowork has several spaces available. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us and we will look for a space that adapts to your needs.