Immersive Experience Lab, a space dedicated to immersive and extended realities

The new Immersive Experience Lab, a space dedicated to immersive and extended realities, was inaugurated last Friday, May 13th.

In order to present this new Laboratory, 3 different sessions were held according to the target audience.

1. Tourism sector, as one of our transmedia projects is related to the gamification of tourism, the Medgaims project.
2. Institutional sector, the corporate presentation to the different bodies of the Generalitat that work closely with related technologies as well as with innovation.
3. Business sector, the cornerstone of the future of this project. More than forty companies came that want to start experimenting with virtual reality, augmented reality or metavers.

In this world that is becoming more and more digital, from Neàpolis it has been considered necessary to create a space that allows the development of all kinds of projects such as the following:

– Connection with technical staff to develop or research a project
– Test bench
– Help find and prepare all kinds of grants and public programs
– Serve as a business Tinder
– Space for meetings and internal meetings as well as meetings between different companies and / or organizations
– Quarterly demodays
– Product presentations

For the gala presentation, all attendees were able to see all the projects that are being carried out at the moment and those interesting projects from some friendly companies such as Aumenta Solutions, Union Linking Realities, Novascan3D or i2Cat.

Medgaims: European tourism gamification project through a series of interrelated games.
DTT Training in Immersive Realities: 150-hour course focused on training people in immersive realities. Especially in the technical part, learning UX, Unity or Blender, among others
Aumenta Solutions: a company specializing in the development of augmented and virtual reality projects that came to present Vortx, a product for all kinds of interactive presentations
Union Linking Realities: empresa referència catalana i espanyola en la creació d’avatars i d’identitat digital
Novascan3D: a company specializing in three-dimensional modeling that, among many other projects, is modeling the Víctor Balaguer Museum
i2Cat: a non-profit foundation that promotes all kinds of research and research projects that are developing, among many other things, a system of meetings through a holoconference.

The meeting concluded with a lunch-networking where all companies were encouraged to start tasting all the possibilities of new technologies.

Will you be the next person to explore what immersive realities can do?