Makers coordinate to deal with COVID-19

A maker community was formed last March to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. His voluntary work has helped to create more than 8,000 personal protective equipment, using the 3D printing technique, aimed at the staff of the essential services most exposed to infection.

A quick, effective and collaborative response

This group, initiated through the joint call of Neàpolis and the makers of Tecnokids, has brought together 215 volunteers from the counties of Baix and Alt Penedès, Anoia and Garraf.

Precisely the hospitals, health services, nursing homes, CAPs, social services and municipal and security services of the four counties have been the majority recipients of the 8,261 visors, 2,672 door openers and 5,032 earmuffs he has created the group CV19_FAB_PENEDES_GARRAF_ANOIA.

Distributed everywhere, they have managed to work together, with the support of volunteers who have transported the material to all the entities that had requested it, and others who have carried out the assembly of the visors, a task that is ‘has concentrated in Neàpolis.

Now this group plans to stay together and connected to work on new challenges that may arise in the near future.