Neàpolis reopens its doors by reorienting projects and expanding services

The declaration of the state of alarm decreed by the central government in relation to the health crisis of the Covid-19 caused the almost absolute closure of the Neàpolis building in mid-March. Only the space of the municipal television Canal Blau TV, declared as an essential service, remained operational.

Despite this circumstance, and despite the serious situation to which many of the users of Neàpolis were faced, the community of entrepreneurs continued to work. This community, made up of companies and entrepreneurs from Cowork, the Crea & Co business incubator and the business hotel, immediately met online with the Councilor for Innovation, Conxi Martínez, to restore the level of work and employment, as well as to establish new projects and services that would generate new opportunities for its users.

New opportunities in times of crisis

The areas that are being worked on as a result of the consensus and imagination of the entrepreneurial community are those of creating a training-knowledge platform, a platform for innovation in tourism, as well as promoting alliances and new opportunities in the areas of creativity-culture and technology-connectivity.

These days of confinement have served to carry out the development of new ideas and test new formats to enhance technological knowledge and business management through training provided by the entrepreneurs themselves. The so-called Neàpolis Talks began on April 10 with the intervention of Victor Kenzo, one of the promoters of these online training, with the theme “Digital marketing applied to social networks.” Since then, more than 20 sessions have been held that have covered such disparate and interesting topics as the importance of taking into account the “Typical mistakes when undertaking a business project”, “How to create an automated sales system ”Or on“ The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Entrepreneurship ”.

The preparation of a tourism platform project has also begun, which will soon be presented at the European LIFE + call. The building has hosted these days of confinement the volunteers of the group of 200 makers who have been developing protection visors for health services in the counties of Alt and Baix Penedès and Garraf.

Neàpolis, again, at full capacity

The facilities opened on May 7 in a first phase and with all the security measures for entrepreneurs staying in the offices of the nursery and the hotel.

The second phase of incorporation and, therefore, of the full operation of this municipal facility dedicated to innovation and the digital economy, took place on June 1 with the access of coworkers to the space remodeled by ensure all health protection measures. Provisionally, the only service that is suspended is the auditorium, given the circumstances and measures to be taken regarding its capacity.

New projects and challenges from the Neàpolis community are already underway again. Welcome everyone.