Neapolis ends its participation in workshops led by Politecnico de Milano in the DIH4CPS network

Neapolis has participated as DIH ( Digital Innovation Hub ) in workshops led by Politecnico di Milano in the DIH4CPS network. During 6 months with collaborative methodologies, it has been possible to define for Neapolis the catalog of services, the customer journey and funnels for the technological companies that address the Innovation Agency of Vilanova i la Geltrú.

These workshops have been carried out thanks to the visual interaction of the MURAL tool, used by the different European IHLs to explain their services. With this D-BEST methodology, created by the University of Milan, it has been finalized with the following deliverables or tools, in order to categorize the services of Neàpolis as a European Hub:

  • Service Portfolio ( Service Portfolio )
  • Customer Journey _
  • Service Pipelines _

The Services Portfolio based on definitions, exposes what Neàpolis offers according to the European standard drawn up by the Politecnico di Milano . Following, therefore, the Italian methodology for the classification in a framework structured by colors: ‘Ecosystem (E), Technology (T), Business (B) Skills (S) or Data (D)

This experience has helped Neapolis to identify which services are being offered or not compared to other European IHL, and to make a bid for new services in Neapolis in case of identifying needs to be covered.

Where there will soon be new services offered by Neapolis is in the Technology (T) category with the new Immersive Experience Lab presented at Mobile Week Catalunya 2022. Neapolis wants to bring emerging technology closer and attract talent, as well as become a training space in immersive technologies and an ecosystem of open innovation. Until now Neapolis had more services in the Ecosystem (E) and Business (B) category for companies, start-ups and coworkers.

The Customer Journey , also done with a B2B (company) approach, current customers are analyzed to detect barriers and needs. This leads to presenting the company’s journey through Neàpolis in different stages, ranging from an initial observation phase to one of product adoption for the subsequent market launch.

As for the Funnels (Service Pipelines) , Mural is a very visual tool that allows you to explore different routes and see which service to offer at each stage of time according to the development of the company. It allows to analyze the demand of companies in the Hub with the corresponding services offered by Neapolis. For this elaboration, an “ideal” technological company or one with a high component of technology use that participates in Neapolis has been visualized.

POLITECNICO DI MILANO, Milano 1863, School of Management.

Politecnico di Milano, 1863, is a public university in science and technology that trains engineers, architects and industrial designers.

It has committed to the quality and innovation of its teaching and research, developing a fruitful relationship with the business and productive world through experimental research and technology transfer.

Research has always been linked to teaching and is a priority bet that has allowed the Politecnico Milano to achieve high-quality results in the international arena as it unites the university with the business world. Research constitutes a parallel path to training through cooperation and alliances with the industrial system.

DIH4CPS and Neàpolis

Neàpolis signs a conventional agreement to be part of the European network of DIH4CPS that starts its activity this March 2022

“The objective is the promotion of DIH for the integration of interoperability in cyber-physical systems of European SMEs in the network called DIH4CPS”

This interdisciplinary network DIH4CPS, in Cyber-Physical Systems of European SMEs, Vol

promote between the different DIHs ( Digital Innovation Hubs ) the integration of interoperability in the cyber-physical systems of European SMEs and will help to overcome obstacles in innovation by creating an interdisciplinary network of DIHs and providers of solutions in this technology in different sectors.


Main website of the new DIH4CPS network: