Neàpolis signs a conventional agreement to be part of the European network of DIH4CPS that starts its activity this March 2022

The aim is to promote IHL for the integration of interoperability in European SME cyberphysical systems in the network called IHL4″

This interdisciplinary network DIH4CPS, in cyberphysical systems of European SMEs, wants to promote between the different IHL (Digital Innovation Hubs) the integration of interoperability in the cyberphysical systems of European SMEs and will help to overcome obstacles in innovation by creating an interdisciplinary network of IHL and solution providers in this technology in different sectors.

The aim is to intertwine knowledge and technologies from different domains and connect regional clusters with the pan-European IHL expert group. For us, Neàpolis and Vilanova i la Geltrú, being part of this new DI4HCPS network is an important step towards achieving the ultimate goal of becoming a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH), which opens up many prospects for socio-economic support for innovation. DI4HCPS is a provider of regional solutions and clusters, in order to establish itself in Europe as an innovative leader in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Main website of the new DIH4CPS network:

Neàpolis joins the “Open Call 2” call of December 2021 and specifically seeks the participation of new IHL to expand the network in new locations and emerging technologies complementary to the CPS where Neàpolis has a strong position. This network was launched in 2020 and consists of 33 partners in 15 countries when this second call is made at the end of 2021.

The application of experimentation: The IVLab

DIH4CPS is supported by IVLab, an experienced and well-established network focused on interoperability. DIH4CPS will not only benefit application experiments (more than 10 projects have been started), but also individual IHLs, significantly complementing regional investments made with knowledge transfer to ensure the sustainability of the growing network.

Covered technologies:

Neàpolis and Vilanova i la Geltrú have access to Europe thanks to the DI4HCPS network

Neàpolis, with a new network, DI4HCPS, will promote a whole series of marketing and communication actions, beyond the public relations actions necessary for this positioning in European networks. Attendance at international events and meetings is expected to establish new relationships, transfer knowledge, synergies with new collaborators, value new opportunities in public-private projects with SMEs, …

The incorporation into this new European network is in line with Neàpolis strategy of accessing the European ecosystem and lobbies as a future EDIH.

Actions will be taken to disseminate the projects in Neàpolis and the companies in its ecosystem in order to gain notoriety in European networks. With the idea of gaining relevance and opening up access to new international innovation groups technologically complementary to Neàpolis current position in disruptive technologies: virtual reality (VR), augmented (RA) and extended (RA), blockchain, digital twins , internet of things …

Technology Relevant Information: The Cyberphysical System (CPS)

· A cyberphysical system (CPS) is a mechanism (physical system) controlled or monitored by

computer-based algorithms and closely integrated into the Internet.

· The CPS involves a multidisciplinary approach, merging the theory of cybernetics with the

mechatronics and with the science of design and process.

· CPS is also similar to the Internet of Things (IoT) sharing the same basic architecture, however, CPS features a higher combination and coordination between physical and computing elements.

· CPS: any physical system that is controlled, usually in an “intelligent” way, by means of strategies based on algorithms (data analytics) and network connection: autonomous car, management and monitoring of critical public infrastructures (electrical network, control environmental, road infrastructure …), health applications, robotics systems, home automation, aeronautical autopilots…


Vilanova i la Geltrú has been consolidated as a city specializing in emerging and immersive technologies since 2006, with the aim of promoting the innovative ecosystem, empowering information and communication technology companies, the media communication and creative industries.

The city collaborates through Neàpolis with the Polytechnic School of Engineering of Vilanova i la Geltrú (EPSEVG-UPC), the i2Cat Foundation, the European Living Labs Network and the DIH4CPS network, among other partners.

Statements by the Councilor

“Joining this European network of technological innovation opens a new panorama of work and at the same time means an important step in the goals of Neàpolis and the city to become an international reference in the implementation of disruptive technologies as a new sector economic for the city. ”

“Much of our efforts are currently focused on recovering and digitizing companies, startups and entrepreneurs in Vilanova i la Geltrú, making them more competitive, robust and resilient. This network offers us a double opportunity: to incorporate high-capacity technology as a new added value to the city and to open new international markets for our companies, universities, organizations and research centers. ”