The start-up Tetrao, with an office in Neàpolis, announces its listing on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange

Luxembourg-based start-up Tetrao based in Luxembourg and based in Neàpolis (Vilanova i la Geltrú), after winning the BNP in 2017 and being selected from 18,000 fintechs to be included in the list of the 10 Most Promising Fintech of Europe in 2018, has now found itself as a powerful investor in the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE).

Tetrao technology, through robotic cognitive automation, simulates human behavior to identify, read, and understand complex information on websites and documents. Through its integrated solution, Tetrao allows companies to save time and costs in processes that are currently done manually, are prone to errors and require a lot of time.

AI-driven data collection

Tetrao is currently working with LuxSE to further develop its Luxembourg Green Exchange strategic data center. In just 3 months, Tetrao has collected 350,000 sustainability data from 385,000 pages of documents. Tetrao manages data collection in collaboration with LuxSE’s sustainable finance experts, who validate the quality of the data. LGX DataHub was the flagship in development on the stock market focused on sustainability and it was launched in September 2020.

In 2019, Tetrao launched an R&D project for the mutual fund industry that collects daily documentation and relevant metadata on 85,000 fund industry instruments. In this context, Tetrao has entered into a strategic alliance with Fundsquare, the subsidiary of LuxSE, and a leading service provider in the fund industry. Combining Tetrao technology with Fundsquare’s market infrastructure, both parties are working to expand Fundsquare’s data reach, creating new features and services.