Formació TTT de Neàpolis

TTT, the perfect excuse to train in disruptive technologies

On April 25 we begin the different courses that are part of the TTT program: Work, Talent and Technology of the Diputació de Barcelona.

Neàpolis has been one of the centers chosen by the Provincial Council to carry out one of the TTT projects that will be taught throughout Catalonia. In the specific case of this innovation center, it is a project that has different phases:

1st phase : Creation of three courses related to advanced digital technologies. These courses will be: Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Immersive Realities

Phase 2 : creation of living labs and proof of concept between different companies with the support of the students of the courses

Phase 3 : Support for the different projects that have emerged as a result of the TTT. Whether looking for financial aid, support for research and development or others.

The main goal of this project is to train 100 people in disruptive technologies. Thanks to these trainings, a knowledge will be obtained that will have a direct and positive impact on the different companies and organizations, thus creating a society more resilient to sudden changes such as those caused by COVID-19.

Course information:

– The training will be: Blockchain, AI and Immersive Realities

– Courses start on April 25 and end on June 13

– The trainings will be 80% telematic and 20% face-to-face

– The duration of these is 150 hours.

– Classes will be from Monday to Thursday from 15:30 to 19:30

– The courses are 100% subsidized

– They will be subsidized to the companies that hire the best students of each course.

If you want more information you can find it in the following link:

See you next April 25th when the courses start!