Participation of Neapolis in the Global Conferences for Cities in Manresa

On the 22nd and 23rd of September 2022, Manresa hosts the Global Goals for Cities Days event in which Neapolis will participate, on behalf of Vilanova i la Geltrú for international projects reacted with the URBACT

Organized by the URBACT National Point, PNU in Spain, and Manresa City Council, in collaboration with the International Relations Area of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Global Goals for Cities Manresa is an in-person event, linked to the location of global agendas and, especially, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in cities.

2nd International Conference – The positioning and international impact of medium-sized cities

On 14 July, the second meeting of the International Strategy Group of the Barcelona Provincial Council was held in the municipality of Sitges, where they were welcomed and also thanks to the colleagues of the Garraf Node, the Garraf Development Agency. In this meeting in the Miramar building in Sitges, 11 municipalities have participated, including Vilanova i la Geltrú @neapolisvng @intdiba @ajuntamentvng @NodeGarraf

Neàpolis participated in the first SCORE Project Consortium meeting in Sligo, Ireland

Neàpolis participated in the first in the meeting of the Consortium project SCORE ( Smart control of climate resilience in European coastal cities ). The event was held in Sligo (Ireland) from 28 to 30 June 2022.

Representatives of the 28 entities that make up the consortium met for three days to present the progress of the first year of the Atlantic Technological University (ATU) project

Immersive Experience Lab, a space dedicated to immersive and extended realities

The new Immersive Experience Lab, a space dedicated to immersive and extended realities, was inaugurated last Friday, May 13th.

In order to present this new Laboratory, 3 different sessions were held according to the target audience.

Makers coordinate to deal with COVID-19

A maker community was formed last March to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. His voluntary work has helped to create more than 8,000 personal protective equipment, using the 3D printing technique, aimed at the staff of the essential services most exposed to infection.

Neàpolis reopens its doors by reorienting projects and expanding services

The declaration of the state of alarm decreed by the central government in relation to the health crisis of the Covid-19 caused the almost absolute closure of the Neàpolis building in mid-March. Only the space of the municipal television Canal Blau TV, declared as an essential service, remained operational.

A Health and Wellness Living Lab to respond to the challenges of the Covid-19

None of us would have thought that we would ever experience a situation like the one caused by COVID-19. In a matter of days, the global health system has been subjected to a stress test of global magnitude, which has had consequences on the global system economically and socially. Little by little, we begin to realize the impact the pandemic has left on us. The health system has been able to weather the storm even though it has come to glimpse its limits.

The Select Weekend Talent achieves a great success of participation and mobilizes the entrepreneurial initiative

Last weekend, from Friday 6 to Sunday 8 November, the Select Talent Weekend was held, an entrepreneurial talent selection event organized by Neàpolis and Tandenn, attended by 20 people, previously selected from 56 candidates. It was three intensive days of creativity, learning, collaboration, innovation and involvement to solve health and wellness challenges.