Immersive realities and the Internet of Things: Vilanova i la Geltrú’s technological commitment to Mobile Week 2022

Mobile Week is an initiative that aims to bring technology closer to the public and experiment with the changes of digital transformation in society. This year, 16 municipalities from all over Catalonia have taken part. Vilanova i la Geltrú has taken part for the third year in a row, presenting, on 12, 13 and 14 May, different initiatives and promoting spaces for debate and reflection on advanced technologies.

Neàpolis attends the XXIV European Union Conference and a technical visit to Brussels

On May 9, coinciding with Europe Day, the Barcelona Provincial Council has organized a diverse program of activities throughout the month of May, promoted by the International Strategy Office of the International Relations Directorate of the corporation where Vilanova i la Geltrú also collaborates.

This year they have had a singular relevance, as they propose to be a space for exchange and debate around two current phenomena and relevance for the local world: firstly, the European Year of Youth and , secondly, the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

5 literary recommendations of Neàpolis

I don’t know if you found out, but today is Saint George’s Day, one of the most important days in Catalonia. There is no man without a book, no woman without her pertinent rose or her book. And since it’s a bit tricky to make a list of the top 5 roses, we’ve made a list with 5 literary recommendations from Neàpolis. And by the way, not all of them are books of innovation or technology.

Do you know the difference between Storytelling and Storydoing? The Agency of Secrets® app puts you to the test

Agency of Secrets® – Storytelling vs Storydoing

Agency of Secrets® is a global experience made up of 10 games (digital and analog) that can be played independently in Vilanova i la Geltrú, but played together they build a complete narrative (storytelling), which allows the citizen or tourist to discover the history of the city while visiting it (storydoing). Thus, reality and fiction are mixed to create a unique experience for all users.

The etymology tells us a lot about these two words in English, storytelling and storydoing, but how do they both contribute to the gamification of the Agency of Secrets experience?

Neàpolis signs a conventional agreement to be part of the European network of DIH4CPS that starts its activity this March 2022

The aim is to promote IHL for the integration of interoperability in European SME cyberphysical systems in the network called IHL4″

This interdisciplinary network DIH4CPS, in cyberphysical systems of European SMEs, wants to promote between the different IHL (Digital Innovation Hubs) the integration of interoperability in the cyberphysical systems of European SMEs and will help to overcome obstacles in innovation by creating an interdisciplinary network of IHL and solution providers in this technology in different sectors.

Medgaims: Delegations from Alghero, Jordan and Lebanon visit VNG to learn about and test the games

MedGaims is a European program with partners from four countries: Italy (Alghero), Jordan, Lebanon and Spain. The delegations of each headquarters meet periodically to test the experiences they are creating. The project started two years ago and is now on the final stretch. The plan is to release the games in early 2022. In Vilanova i la Geltrú the development of the projects has involved the work of between 30 and 35 people.

VNG Innova: the municipality’s commitment to innovation ‘, within the activities of the November Fair

A website collects ideas from citizens, companies, social organizations and innovative people

Vilanova i la Geltrú will be endowed with the first strategic plan of local innovation that will mark the future strategy to be a benchmark of the digital economy in the territory. The commitment to innovation in the city was the theme of the event ‘VNG Innova: the municipality’s commitment to innovation’, within the activities of the November Fair.